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Your Ideal gateway to travel and explore Morocco by local eyes!

Morocco Vibrant Tours is a small local tour company offering specialized tours tailored up to your desires and interests. Our tour agency is specialized in organizing adventure trips which include a range of activities such as camel trekking, quad biking, motorcycle tours, guided hikes in Atlas Mountains and Desert. We offer great itineraries and you will enjoy every activity with maximum safety and even bigger thrill. So; for superior, well accommodated and friendly services with a great reputation, please contact Morocco Vibrant Tours and we will provide you with customizable itinerary which definitely will meet your interests.

Morocco Vibrant Tours team understands that being a tour agency is not just about organizing tours, transportation services, hotels booking…but our mission is obviously beyond that. The mission we are taking on our shoulders is the new vision of tourism in its social dimension, that is to say, to help and give hand to disabled people, help families in need, try to afford at least a portion of necessary life requirements for those who are unable to do so. Furthermore, we seek to collaborate with associations abroad to build shelters, establish schools and dig wells for nomads living in isolated areas in order to provide them with education for their kids as well as get them water for their animals.

Our company is your ideal path to your wonderful Morocco holidays, the land of all flavors, different colors, Sahara Desert, the snowy peaks of the High Atlas, the palm groves of Ziz and Draa Valley, the contrast of blue sky and sea as well as the diversity of culture and history. Such characteristics will certainly give an answer to all traveler dreams. Morocco has uniquely combined the richness of its history, its beautiful natural sites and the great hospitality of its people. All this must put Morocco in the bucket-list of your future travel destination.

Morocco Vibrant Tours did not come overnight into existence, but it based on a devotion of guidance and traveling around Morocco. This consequently helped us a lot to explore more worth visiting beauty spots and brief routes that connect them as in our suggested tours.

We devote our time for your satisfaction and relaxation during your visit to Morocco. Our drivers are very professional and your safety is our duty. We are proud to offer a selection of tours and programs that allow the discriminating traveler to truly experience all of the best that Morocco has to offer.

Your travel satisfaction is our main goal…Thus, your gateway to Morocco must start here.

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