Full Day to Explore Casablanca

Casablanca boasts the most Art Deco architecture of all Morocco’s cities. It gives the city more of a fresh and modern feel in contrast to the imperial cities, which ooze history and tradition. The Art Deco buildings are a reminder of the French colonial period in the city. This legacy is seen in its downtown architecture. Indeed, the architecture of Casablanca is somewhat unique, with buildings that blend traditional Moroccan designs with a style that was in fashion in early 20th-century. Several elegant buildings have been restored to their former glory and renovated to house hotels and restaurants. There are several grand buildings around Place Mohammed V, including the Grande Poste and the courthouse…

The city has numerous tourist attractions to visit once you are in Morocco, but the highlight site is the largest mosque in Morocco and one of the most spectacular in the world: the striking Hassan II Mosque. With interiors that are as stunning as the facade, it’s one of the city’s major tourist attractions as well as an important place of Islamic worship. This iconic landmark was built in 1993 and has a 210m minaret topped with lasers directed to Mecca.

After the breakfast at the hotel, we will meet you at the reception and start the sightseeing tour of Casablanca. We will See the most important sights of the city. Named “White House” by a group of Spanish and Portuguese sailors who marveled at the city back in time. Today, Casablanca is a bustling city of boulevards and modern infrastructure.

Along our sightseeing, we will walk around the Habous district, where the small squares and narrow arcade streets provide a fine example of contemporary city planning mixed with the maze-like streets of the traditional medina. Furthermore, we continue towards United Nations and the majestic Mohammed V Square. Then, go to the lively Central Market and the Mehkma (Tribunal). Notre Dame de Lourdes cathedral and the famous Hassan II Mosque are also among the historical attractions to visit in Casablanca. Once we have worked up an appetite exploring the city, savor a Moroccan lunch in a traditional restaurant. Around 04pm we walk back to the hotel. End of our services.

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